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A non-intrusive complementary therapy where the thumb and fingers work on reflex zones bringing the body back to its own unique natural alignment, ensuring the whole body is working in balance and at its full potential.  The Egyptians, Chinese, Incas, Mayans and Cherokees have all used reflexology to provide relief and healing.

Reflexology is ideal for people who are older or have mobility issues as it can be performed almost anywhere – sitting on a chair or sofa, lying repose on a bed – no movement or turning is necessary during treatment.

Reflexology can work alone or together to complement existing western medicines. 


Alleviating your stress levels.   If you are suffering from stress and cannot bear the thought of lying still for over an hour, then reflexology could be a solution.  Working on your entire body through the reflex zones of your feet will not only reduce your stress levels, it will also reduce the side effects of stress, including poor sleeping, digestive issues, migraines, etc.


If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, are receiving treatment for cancer or are in remission, reflexology is ideal for you.  Reflexology can be performed any time during your illness, even lying in your hospital bed.  If you have had intensive surgery, all I need is your bare feet and I can work.  As with all complimentary therapies, the idea is to treat you in conjunction with traditional Western Medicine.  

Reflexology is in no way a cure, however it does assist your body in its healing process improving function, reducing stress and anxiety and most importantly making you feel better.  Which is why many cancer centres across the world offer Reflexology for free as part of the treatment programme.

Back Issues

Back problems drain your energy and psychological well being they can take a long time to put right and often you are left with a lingering pain, tingling or weakness in the area.  Reflexology is a gentle non intrusive way of relieving the pain and hopefully reducing your dependence on pain killers, which also takes its toll on the rest of your body.  Many people with back problems can have issues lying on a massage table for a long time, however with reflexology you can be treated lying down, sitting or reclining, whichever you find the most comfortable. 

Fertility and Pregnancy 

Assisting your body find its balance and prepare for fertilisation. If you are currently undergoing fertility treatment you can receive foot reflexology.  Undergoing reflexology during the period between egg extraction and implantation can help the body and uterus relax and prepare for implantation, as well as being an excellent method for relaxation and alleviating stress during the process.

Morning sickness can be exhausting, tiring and unpleasant and the very thought of lying down for an hour or more and being massaged if you are suffering from this can be repellent.  Because you are sitting when receiving reflexology it is an ideal alternative to a massage, at the same time working on your digestive system to aid the stomach’s natural ph to return to normal and alleviate the symptoms.

During pregnancy, there are certain reflex zones that cannot be worked on at certain stages, however that does not stop you receiving treatment for other problems you may have.

In the early days after giving birth, reflexology is ideal to help your body to get back into alignment.  It can also assist in your body’s natural hormone production, releasing happy hormones (prolactine) for breast milk production.  Water retention is a common side effect of pregnancy and reflexology can assist in the body’s natural elimination process of this fluid.

You can also receive reflexology whilst holding your newborn baby so if you and your baby haven’t yet got into a routine or you have had a difficult labour or cesarean you can safely receive reflexology until you feel prepared for a full post-natal massage.

Lymphatic issues

The Lymphatic system is responsible for ensuring toxins are removed from your body.  It is essential in fighting immunity, reducing water retention, and ensuring your entire body can work effectively.  If you are pregnant, retaining water, have recently had a bad viral infection, are suffering with cancer, or feeling generally run down, then a lymphatic reflexology treatment can assist in the body's detoxification, thereby improving overall function.


Facial Reflexology 

Combining, Indian head massage, Reflexology and Acupressure, facial reflexology is both a blissful workout for the face and hugely beneficial for the body. Plus, walk out with you face feeling smoother and positively glowing. 


· Relieves the effects of stress and depression

· Improves blood circulation, immune system, removal of toxins and waste

· Relieves muscle tension

· Relieves mental strain, improves concentration

· Relieves sinus congestion, cold and flu symptoms, migraines, stress, sleep problems, headaches, hair loss, lack of energy, pain, digestive issues, etc

· Helps rebalance the hormonal system

· Rejuvenates the skin and body

· Intensely relaxing

For Who?

· It helps with issues where other manual therapies may have failed in the past

· Neurological disorders – By stimulating brain functions face reflexology soothes fibromyalgia, CFS, cancer pain, MS, brain injuries

· Stress-related pain – balancing the hormone system and relaxing the body gives positive and fast results for migraines, tension headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain.

· It can help with concussion, facial paralysis and Parkinson’s disease

For many people Facial Reflexology is a health and beauty secret: a natural way to look beautifully relaxed, radiant and glowing while your entire body has been balanced by Reflexology. The exciting thing about having Reflexology on your face is that not only does it offer all the amazing and well-documented benefits of foot reflexology, but it also enhances your complexion. Clients often say that they feel an inner calm and a real sense of wellbeing at the end of a treatment.

What to Expect

· After a brief consultation, the treatment starts with a simple cleansing and preparation of the face, if required. Then organic facial oils will be applied, these help make the entire experience a real treat and the antioxidant qualities help to seal the skin against pollution and weather.

· I gently massage the head, scalp neck and shoulders to release tension and then stimulate a series of points on your face. The sensation is deeply relaxing.

· Concluding with a short series of movement to gently wake and prepare you to go back out into the world.

‘the most enjoyable hour of my life so far this year'


Foot Reflexology     60mins - 55€


Facial Reflexology     60mins - 65€