NLP Coaching

The Difference that makes the difference

How we live and the values we live by creates our environment. I believe we all have the tools within us to create a happy, fulfilled life, even when it throws us a curve ball. As an NLP coach, using the principals of NLP it is my role to nurture and awaken these skills within you. By discovering characteristics, belief patterns, untapped potential in yourself, I work with you to create the best you you can be. So you can achieve what you really want.

Working with you using several tools and techniques, suited to your individual needs I guide you through to a positive result.

  • Burnout - we look in detail at how you can turn things around.
  • Trouble Conceiving - we look at all the factors, alternatives and support. We look at the internal factors that are impacting you and how you can complete the journey in a calm and positive way.
  • Auto-immune disease - I will assist you in discovering the best way for you to live and how to untap resources within you for a more enriched life.
  • Baby Blues - Bringing another life into the world is awesome and it is a change. NLP coaching can positively help you through this evolution enabling you to become the best parent you can be.
  • Life changes - Relocating, becoming a partner, a parent, divorced, retired, ill. All these things are part of life’s greatness. NLP coaching can help you understand your feelings, thoughts, desires, and wants for your new life. Creating a better understanding of yourself and how you can create a positive outcome for you.

What is NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP Originated in California in 1975 By Richard Bandler and John Grinder, whose interest was in reproducing the excellence of people they admired. After much work and research, they broke this reproduction down into three categories Neuro, Linguistic and Programming.

Basically, NLP is the process of understanding the structure of a persons thinking and their ability to produce results based on their thinking. It is observing an individual’s use of verbal language (both internal and external), physical language and behavioural patterns and working with that to produce the desired result.   For example, in the Hypnobirthing course, we use repeated visual aids to show parents how birth can be. This imprints in the brain, either enhancing the positive view they have of childbirth or removing the negative view they have of childbirth. 

NLP is the difference that makes the difference.

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60min - 50€

The first session involves an initial consultation and further sessions can involve homework .


An Experts view; 

“Emma’s understanding of how to guide people towards a state of free flowing ease is sublime. She has a deep sense of the mind body connection and how a blockage in one’s thinking will often present itself physically, be this stiffness, discomfort, pain or illness. Emma’s work is steeped in truth and integrity; values that offer those in her care absolute certainty of her commitment to facilitate a helpful transformation.

One of Emma’s many refreshing qualities as a therapist is her ability to adapt to the complexities of other people’s states, moods and emotions. She can see beyond unhelpful behaviour or thinking and gently steer others towards their true and full selves.

Emma’s previous knowledge of the Corporate world combines beautifully with her holistic knowledge, humour and personal journey, to create a powerful, authentic and credible approach. To entrust in Emma is the first step towards living the way YOU know your true self could be”. 

Lisa White – NLP Trainer & Coach