Massage has been around for millennia.  We all have a natural reflex to massage a spot if we feel pain. Today there are many forms of massage with many cultural beliefs and backgrounds – the essence of which is to alleviate pain, tension, and stress in our minds and bodies bringing balance, good health and serenity.  

Relaxation Massage - 90min 80€

Swedish relaxation massage therapy affects your whole being physically, emotionally and mentally.  It is generally regarded as the most common form of relaxation massage, involving a combination of five basic strokes which concentrate on the muscles and connective tissues of the body for improved circulation, relaxation, pain relief, overall health maintenance and well being.

This full body massage reduces tension, improves blood circulation, aids detoxification and increases mobility and the range of motion in joints. It stimulates and soothes the nervous system and relieves aches and pains, bringing about a sense of total relaxation.


Chair Massage - 40min - 40€

The ideal massage for busy executives who spend too long at their desks – seated massage of the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands can be performed in the privacy of your office.  It is a relaxing and reviving technique that can improve productivity.  Encourage your colleagues to enjoy the benefits of a massage and book me for a full or half-day to receive a discount.

Lymph Drainage massage - 60min - 60€

Lymphatic Drainage massage is used in many ways.  It is a soft light massage using very different strokes to other forms of massage and is a rhythmic form of massage.  It totally detoxes the body, working in oedema, the nervous system, the musculatory system and the immune system as it eliminates toxins that build up in the body.  This massage is suitable for people suffering from MS, prolonged illness as it fights infection and helps the immune system, or who do excessive sports, have regular muscle cramps and more. 

The Burn Out - 120min - 100€

Suffering from mental exhaustion/burnout or depression of some sort?  Then this is the treatment for you.  One hour of ultra relaxing massage with light fingertip facial and scalp massage, ensuring your body and mind are totally relaxed for me to then finish with 30mins reflexology stimulating your endocrine system, ensuring your happy hormones are in full working order, your central nervous system bringing it into balance, ensuring you switch off from all your worries and find serenity.

Pregnancy Massage - 90min - 80€

During pregnancy, your body is going through many changes and stresses, both emotionally and physically.  Pregnancy massage is beneficial to the mother as it nourishes the skin and using special oils regularly it can aid in reducing stretch marks.  It can also help in later months in reducing water retention and helping the pelvic region as it softens and moves in preparation for birth.  It is also beneficial to the baby.  As the mother relaxes, her pulse slows and her breathing becomes deeper and longer which relaxes the baby and improves circulation of blood, nutrients and happy hormones between mother and baby.

This pampering massage technique (which can be performed from 12 weeks up to delivery date) is specifically designed to alleviate muscle tension and aches, relieve swelling and promote a general state of wellbeing for the mother-to-be.  It can also aid sleep and alleviate cramps.

Labour Massage Techniques - 120min - 100€

During the final three months of pregnancy, I find it beneficial to have a session with both client and partner to help understand what is happening to your body whilst in labour and how specific massage techniques can contribute to the birthing process.

Having been trained by a midwife, and having worked with midwives there are a number of tips and hints I will pass on to you to help both of you during this period.

Post Natal Massage - 90min - 80€

Post-natal massage can be performed as soon after the birth as you, your baby, and your medical 

practitioner feel appropriate.  Post-natal massage has many benefits including assisting the body’s recovery process from the birth, helping the bones and muscles to return to their normal form, nourishment of the skin and promoting the flushing out areas of water retention.  Post-natal massage assists the body in the production of hormones that help the production of breast milk and fight against post-natal depression and fatigue.  It also gives the mother all-important time for herself.

One of the techniques I use during post-natal massage is to lay your new born on you for the latter part of the massage, helping with the bonding process and also letting your baby feel you relaxed and serene.

Baby Massage - 60min - 50€

The first language a baby learns is touch and is the most important communication and bonding tool you can have with your baby.  Baby massage assists in the development of breathing, circulation, digestive systems, muscles and senses building your baby’s relationship with the world and their surroundings.  As in all massage, oxytocin (the happy hormone) is released, which helps to sooth and calm your baby.

This is a lesson where I massage a demonstration model and you massage your baby. I give you a course book to keep with images to remind you how to massage baby.

Child Massage - 60min - 50€

There are so many more stresses and expectations on children in today’s modern world that can lead to behavioural problems, both emotional and physical.  Continuing the massage process throughout childhood has many benefits, including assisting with growing pains, hyperactivity and sleep problems, as well as providing an opportunity for children to learn to be present and experience serenity.

Child massage is incredibly beneficial to children suffering from autism or ADHD.  I have devised special techniques for children to communicate to me without the need for speech, in order for me give them the treatment they want and to maximize their experience and trust in me.

In the beginning I would expect a parent to be present when working with children, until both parent and child have full trust in me.  



Ensuring every clients treatment is tailored to them

Depending on the clients needs I add other techniques to my treatments such as; Chakra balancing, Accupressure massage, lymphatic work, emotional release work, guasha and cupping.  .