What is Hypnobirthing?

The complete antenatal course in which actively involving the partner.  working  together with the theory and techniques of hypnobirthing, it is a method that empowers parents to experience the birth they want .  It is simple, logical and profound.

Nothing promises the perfect birth, Hypnobirthing gives you the tools to achieve the best birth for you as a family. Offering a fresh perspective on  birth, the power of women, and gives you confidence in your ability to birth;


  • Unique method of relaxation
  • Breathing exercises, and visualization techniques for deep relaxation
  • Causing the uterine muscles to work more efficiently for a smooth and peaceful birth
  • You learn to manage birth differently
  • Mothers relaxation has a positive effect on the baby during pregnancy and birth

Removing fear

  • Understanding how fears have an impact on birth
  • Releasing fear and tension
  • Ensuring a confident, happy pregnancy and birth experience

Active role for Partners

  • Provide the birth partner with tools to better support the mother 
  • Have a positive role in the birth 
  • Contributing to a positive birthing environment
  • You will learn how to communicate with healthcare providers

Building Confidence

  • Self Belief
  • Physical exercises to prepare your body as much as possible during birth
  • Understand and work with your natural instincts
  • You will learn how your body works to birth
  • Birth does not need to be a painful experience
  • Ability to birth in relaxation and with confidence

Fully Informed

  • Full Prenatal preparation for expectant mothers and their partners.
  • The where, when and how to give birth
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of your mind and bodies ability to birth
  • The ability to make informed choices
  • What options are available

Frequently asked Questions

Why is Hypnobirhting different from other pregnancy courses?
Other courses teach you how to deal with the pain. We assume the contrary, that birth is not painful if the mother is well prepared, informed and relaxed. If the woman understands how the mind-body connection works, they will then understand the "fear-tension-pain cycle" and how to activate the "trust-relaxed comfort cycle" The importance of a calm and natural birth can not be underestimated on its impact for mother, partner and baby.

Teaching techniques of deep relaxation, special breathing and visualizations that help you to experience a comfortable birth, optimizing the bonding process.

What is the role of the partner?
The partner’s role in the birth is vital. They help the mother remain relaxed ensuring that she is at ease.  They are the communication point between mother and care providers. We teach them about the birth process, so they understand and have a role in making choices.

Will I be aware I am birthing?
It is a misconception to think that it is "hypnosis". It is deep relaxation whilst remaining alert. It's the same feeling you have when you daydream or when you're reading a book or watching a film you are into it yet still aware of your surroundings.

What if complications arise can I still birth naturally?
Certainly! The relaxation, visualization techniques and tools that you learn are useful in whatever situation you are in. Should a medical intervention be required, you'll find that you're better able to deal with this as a team. You can even use these skills for a caesarean birth.

Does Hypnobirthing guarantee me a painless birth?
Every situation is different; every woman is different.  While we cannot guarantee a 100% pain free birth we can guarantee that the birth will be more comfortable and smoother.  Many mums say they have hardly felt any discomfort, some report a sensation of pressure, and most say they found the experience powerful and that they were in control.

My midwife / doctor does not know about Hypnobirthing. How do I inform them of it?
If your healthcare provider has not heard of it, discuss it with them. We cover this in class giving you the tools to express your wishes to you team.

Why is the audio so necessary? 

In order to build confidence and help the mother and partner relax. It is also helps the baby relax.  Listen to it every day, in order for this state of deep relaxation to become habitual.  It is also useful to use during the birth itself.

Mixed feelings about the word "HYPNO"?
Not necessary! You are not Hypnotised.  The term was used by medical professionals who could not believe that mothers could birth in such a state of deep relaxation, a natural consciousness where body and mind are relaxed yet able to retain control of your body and stay focused.

How do I achieve deep relaxation?
We teach you and that's it. No more! Your birth partner will learn this skill in the course and will lean how to work with you in this state of relaxation.

I will go through my baby's birth conscious?
Certainly! If anything you will be more focussed! You, your baby and your partner will having powerful memories of this loving event. Your confidence will continue to grow for after birth ensuring your baby gets the best possible start in life.

Why is the course so long?
Because we cover everything.  We teach you techniques, theory, the mental and physical aspects of the birth process.   What to expect in hospital and from your medical team, all the what ifs and we even cover the period after birth.  Birth is a big event in everyone’s life, training and education is useful.  Would you run a marathon without preparation!

When can we start with the course?
In general, we say, as early as possible! The sooner you start the longer you have to practice and prepare. However whenever you start every little bit helps and we will do everything to give you the maximum input to ensure you get the best results.

Included in the Course

  • 4 session approx 2,5hr   
  • Hypnobirthing book and CD’s/mp3 (Netherlands and English)  
  • All course materials; folder, book, audios (Netherlands and English)  
  • Positive Affirmations (Netherlands and English)
  • Audios available for Breech and C-section (Netherlands and English)
  • Tailor made course for birth in Belgium ie; Hospital births, interventions, etc.
  • Support via email and phone during and after  

350 euro (incl. BTW). 

Payment prior to the course.

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